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Trends for 2022

7 December 2021

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Here are the big print and packaging trends to look out for in 2022:

1. Text Focused
Text will be champion. Expect minimal background design leaving artistic fonts to be the stars of the show.

2. Calming Colours
After all the stress over the last couple of years, calming colours will be popular. Expect to see muted tones like sage green and dusty blue with minimal typography.

3. Bold Insides
Minimal exterior packaging will leave people thinking inside the box in 2022. There are various reasons leaving the box plain could benefit your brand - read more here.

4. Sustainable packaging with Minimal Processes
Sustainable packaging is a trend that isn't going away any time soon. In 2022 it evolves into championing the materials in their basic form. Brands will be using minimum processes to keep the materials as natural as possible. Expect lots of tactile qualities.

5. Illustration
Fun colourful illustrations in a playful, cartoon-style will be big next year. With all the stress and seriousness of the previous years expect brands to look on the brighter side.

6. Copywriting with Personality
We are all overloaded with information. The best way to cut through the noise? Straightforward, easy to understand copywriting. Expect copy to be succinct - but powerful and full of personality.

7. Negative Space and Die Cutting
Clever use of negative space and die cutting will be big next year. Not only is it more interactive but it builds trust with the customer. Die-cutting removes the need for unnecessary branding, leaving the packaging as natural as possible.

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