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How To Not Overpack

15 November 2021

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We’ve all received overpackaged products. Huge boxes that you open up to find a tiny product inside. Fighting with layers of bubble wrap and cellotape to try and prize your product free. Not only it is bad for the planet but it's frustrating for your customer. Chances are your customer ordered online for convenience, so why inconvenience them?

To save yourself from overpacking the two things you have to consider are size and function. How big is your product and how fragile is it? That tells you everything you need to know when it comes to shipping.

We specialise in bespoke boxes. Why? Because chances are stock boxes are either going to leave you with too much or too little space. It's worth paying the extra for bespoke. The tighter the box to the product the more protection is given, yet you need to be able to take the product out with ease.

If you do have any gaps in your packaging there's a clever way to keep your products secure. Instead of excess use of void full (think bubble wrap, shredded paper etc), you can use a fitment. They keep your products safe and ensure they're presented perfectly every time. Typically fitments are made from corrugate, making them a sustainable switch. Win-win. We can even produce a range of fitments for one box if you are shipping different products and want to save on costs.

Does it need to go in a box? There are a whole range of different options. From mailers to bookwraps, we can find the solution for you. Different thicknesses of mailers add security or flexibility depending on your need. Bookwraps are a flexible solution for varying product sizes (like books - as the name suggests). Looking at other options may save you money and improve customer experience. We even offer mailers that have the presence of a box, packaged into a letterbox friendly mailer. Look at the one we created for Ian Mankin here.

Interested in perfecting your packaging? Contact us today. 

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