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The Art of Gifting

19 October 2021

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If your client is buying your product as a gift you have the opportunity to create two happy customers from just one sale, so how can you make this experience special for them? Adding little touches to your packaging can make all the difference but don't worry - they don't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are some easy ways you can create gift-worthy packaging:

Presentation Packaging

Simple touches like adding platforms to your boxes can quickly enhance the unboxing experience. Rather than your customers having to fish through scrunched up paper to find their gifts, having them nestled securely in die-cut platforms means your products are beautifully presented every single time.

Pre-Wrapped Gifts

Why not delight your customers by offering pre-wrapped gifts? By using packaging like crackers or gift boxes it saves your customer's the time, cost and effort of having to wrap the gifts themselves.

Branded Tissue Paper

Branded tissue paper is a quick, affordable way to add style to your packaging. Even adding a sheet on top of the box adds extra flair, making the unwrapping experience all the more special.

Gift Bags

If your customer is buying in-store it's a lovely touch to pop their items in a gift bag. But what if they're buying online? You can always give them the option of adding a gift bag to their order, allowing them to take the gift out of the box and give it in a more personal manner if they wish.

Gift Receipts

What about gift receipts? By slipping the gift receipt into a wallet or envelope it provides a lovely keep safe. This simple action gives your brand exclusivity and shows you care.

We can all think of brands that we love buying gifts from because they package their products so beautifully. With a few simple touches, there's no reason why your brand can't be one of them.

We're happy to help with all aspects of the unboxing and gifting experience to ensure you delight your customers and keep them coming back time and again.  

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