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Why You Shouldn't Brand The Outer Packaging

30 September 2021

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With e-commerce on the rise now more than ever brands will need to rely on the out of store experiences to impress their clients. This can begin online with a well designed website but ultimately the final touch point is the delivery and packaging, and this can leave a lasting impression. With this there is a rise in leaving the outer packaging unbranded - and here’s why:

It adds to the unboxing experience. Believe it or not leaving your brand off the outside of the packaging adds to the intrigue of what might be inside. What could this be? Who’s it from?

You’re vulnerable to theft. Unfortunately not everyone is honest and if you’re sending something particularly valuable having the brand name on the outside leaves the possibility that someone who sees the parcel might take it, affecting both you and your disappointed customer when you have to refund or replace their order.

Privacy. You don’t always want other people to know what you’ve been ordering, whether the goods inside are confidential or whether you’ve bought it for a gift and you want to keep it secret, not branding the outside saves on ruining any nice surprises!

Allows you to think inside the box (literally). How can you make the inside of the box really pop? Without having to design the outside you can focus all your efforts on the inside, and after all that’s where all the #unboxing Instagram pictures are.

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