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Can You Justify Spending More On Your Packaging?

21 September 2021

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Investing more in the materials for your packaging helps elevate your brand, creating a luxury feel. Why not get creative with your materials? Packaging isn't just paper and corrugate - you can choose from a whole range of materials like velvets, satins and leathers to help you stand out from your competition.

We have clients who increased conversion rates as a direct result of investing more in their packaging. If you are selling a quality product, why would you not want quality packaging? It builds trust with your customers and shows you pay attention to detail. It can also lead to free marketing - if your packaging is unique it can increase the likelihood it will get shared online (and every marketer knows user-generated content is a dream).

Consumers, particularly younger generations, are demanding more sustainable products. The majority of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy from sustainable brands and are willing to spend 10% more on sustainable products. If you want to appeal to younger consumers, it's worth investing in sustainable packaging. We can assist you in choosing sustainable materials and even carbon balancing your order to help you appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Packaging can be an investment, but we have experts on hand to make sure that you get the maximum return on your investment. 

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