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How Packaging Can Carry My Brand

16 August 2021

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Every brand has a story to tell. Your packaging plays a key role in telling this story. Whether it's minimalist, maximalist, bold, subtle or playful your packaging will tell customers something about your brand. From the material to the font and colours, every little detail comes together to create an impression. Don't just print your logo in the middle of a plain box and be done with it. Get creative! Innocent Smoothies are a great example of this. They continuously add personality to their packaging. You know the saying, people buy from people. Adding personality to your packaging show there's more to your brand.

Sample Packaging

Sample packaging is how you sell your product to your customers. You want packaging that ensures a high conversion rate. Take a look at the sample packaging we created for Swoon - their conversion rate has increased since they started using their new packaging. Great sample packaging increases your customer's perceived value of your products. Think about it - if you're selling products worth hundreds of pounds you don't want to have your samples shoved into a plain envelope. Taking the time to present your sample in beautiful packaging with an information leaflet and thank you note instantly shows the customer you care about your products and you care about them.


The materials you select are a great way of carrying your brand through touch. Selling fabrics? Why not use a tactile cardstock instead of plain corrugate? Using materials that mimic your products add to the overall experience. If your brand is big on sustainability using Kraft materials instantly tells the customer your brand is looking after the planet. Adding extra finishing touches such as foiling or embossing also helps to carry your brand. If you specialise in luxurious watches, how beautiful will your packaging look with a gold foiled logo? It is the little touches that make the biggest difference.

Creative Design

What about the artwork going on your packaging? It helps to think outside the box (literally). Clever use of step and repeat patterns or having patterns bleed off can make your packaging stand out on the shelves. Just take a look at this clever milk carton packaging.

Packaging is a marketing tool, and when used creatively it is an excellent way to carry your brand.

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