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Why is the unboxing experience so important?

17 May 2021

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There is no surprise that in the UK we are sending more parcels than ever before. So how do you stand out from the crowd? By creating a complete unboxing experience for your customer. Doing this increases the perception of your brand by making customers feel valued. Well-designed boxes may even lead to #unboxing snaps or videos shared on social media, creating free marketing for your brand.

So how do we start creating a perfect unboxing experience? We start on the outside.

To brand or not to brand

Should you brand the outside of the box? There are reasons for and against branding. Branding the outside gives your customer instant gratification knowing the order they have been waiting for has arrived. It is also free advertising for your brand - as it goes through the courier network you would be surprised how many people see your box. From postal workers to flatmates and neighbours, they will all see your brand name. 

So why might you want to leave it unbranded? Just as leaving it branded give instant gratification, leaving it unbranded creates mystery. What could this be? There are also more practical reasons - if you are shipping products of exceedingly high value you may want to leave off your brand to deter would-be thieves. Similarly, if you are shipping products like medication, discreet packaging will make your customer feel safer and avoids any awkward questions. 

It might be worth offering an unbranded option for people purchasing your products as gifts to prevent ruining the surprise. 

There are a few other things you can consider when it comes to the outside of the box. 


If you have branded the outside, the last thing you want to do is ruin your beautiful design with an unsightly courier label. So why not place the courier label on the bottom or side of the box instead? 

The packaging you choose to ship your products in instantly communicates how sustainable your brand is. Does it arrive in a cardboard box? Or does it come in a plastic poly mailer? What if the materials are recyclable or biodegradable? The outside of the box is a great place to communicate this to your customer. 

You can also inject some of your brand's personality. Why not print something funny on the bottom of the box? Or hide a message under the ripper strip that appears to the customer as they open it? You will have heard of thinking creatively as “thinking outside the box” so why not push your creativity when designing the outside? After all, this is the first impression your customer gets.

And now to the heart of the unboxing experience, the inside.

Making your customer feel valued 

A thank you card on the very top of the box is the ultimate way to make your customer feel appreciated (an extra special touch would be to handwrite it, but if you don’t have the time - or the handwriting - we offer a personalisation service). Optional extras could be product care guides, receipt wallets and free samples. All add to the experience and set you apart from your competition. 

What about internal branding? The inside of the lid is a perfect place for your logo. You can also include any social media links or hashtags here. If needed, a double lid or extra flap could be added for protection and to add another step to the experience.

Displaying your products

The final step. Product presentation is a must if you want to create a great unboxing experience. You could wrap the products in printed tissue paper and seal it with a branded sticker. Another popular option is to secure the products within a platform. Platforms add extra protection for shipping fragile or heavier weight items to prevent any breakages or spillage. They also give the product more presence. You could even have multiple layers of platforms to hold any accessories or added products underneath (think of lifting a new mobile phone out of the box to reveal the charger below). 

By thinking about the packaging you send to your customers and creating an unboxing experience around it, you create a lasting impression. We are experts in packaging and are happy to help with any questions you have. Let us help you give the ultimate unboxing experience to your customers and help you keep these customers for life.

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