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Interior Sample Packaging

5 November 2020

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Home and Garden sales saw a huge increase since the pandemic began and with people still spending a large portion of their time indoors at home, spending on decor and home improvement is set to continue. With this in mind you want to ensure your customers are getting the best experience, even if they can't make it through your door. This is where sample packaging comes in to play.

Professional sample packaging is an extension of your brand and is a hugely exciting part of the customer experience as they choose which products would look best in their home. You want this process to be as flawless as possible to ensure return on investment, and that's where we come in.

Whether you're sampling textiles, metals or wallpapers we have you covered, helping you give your customer's a shopping experience you can be proud of, right from inside their own homes.

A nice touch is to create packaging that has similar qualities to the samples inside - for example having a solid box with a magnetic snap closure for metal samples and beautifully tactile cardstock for textiles and wallpaper, creating unconscious connotations for the consumer before they've even touched the samples inside.

If your interested in sending out samples guaranteed to impress your customers why not get in touch with us and see what we can offer your brand. 

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