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Keeping It Safe With Secure Packaging

13 August 2020

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First impressions count. Why design a beautiful box if on arrival the items have been shaken about or maybe even damaged? You want to make sure when that box is opened the products are beautifully presented and completely secure.

For products on the heavier side such as glass bottles it’s easy to design a tight fitting eco-friendly platform with a thumb cut out for easy removal. This ensures your goods arrive safely yet it’s easy for the customer to lift them out.

For presentation boxes why not try foam inserts? This is an easy way to protect anything fragile whilst also allowing the contents to be easily removed and put back. Foam is an excellent material for this as it can be die cut to accommodate even the most challenging shapes.

For lighter products such as clothing sometimes something as simple as tissue paper will do the trick. But this doesn't have to be boring, why not print the tissue paper with a repeat pattern and seal it with a branded sticker or ribbon? This can easily add a luxury touch.  

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