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Why You Should Use Letterbox Friendly Packaging

30 July 2020

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From flowers to laundry capsules to gifts… there’s not much you can’t get through your letterbox these days.

The benefits are obvious, your customers don’t have to worry about missing their deliveries as they simply slide through the letterbox ready and waiting for them. Now, in our post pandemic world they offer contactless delivery and the assurance that you don’t need to risk a trip to the shops to get what you need. When panic buying set in and you couldn’t get your essentials from the supermarket having it delivered direct to you was a benefit few had probably thought about.

Take smol as an example, an eco-friendly laundry and dishwasher detergent brand, offer letterbox subscriptions. You simply choose what products you’d like, how often you’d like them (you can change the frequency whenever you’d like) and they come through your letterbox without you having to worry about running out and having to pop to the shops.

It can also save you money, dealing with smaller dimensions means you can save a lot of money on packaging materials, not to mention the less bulk you have to your parcels the cheaper they are to post.

The perks are obvious, but having to survive the drop from letterbox to floor means you have to be extra considerate when it comes to the packaging, and that’s where we can help.

The biggest consideration is dimensions, the standard letterbox dimensions in the UK are 254mm x 38mm (10 x 1.5inches) so working within that framework is crucial to ensure it can slip through the letterbox without being squashed. Then you want to protect the good inside, having worked with brands such as Letterbox Gifts and Absolute Collagen we know how to choose the safest, most robust packaging to ensure your products are protected when they hit the floor. No need to worry about damaged goods, meaning more happy customers.

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