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Do You Use Receipt Envelopes? Here's Why You Should...

28 July 2020

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“Would you like your receipt in the bag?” -
How many times when completing a purchase have we heard this asked, and we receive the same flimsy paper thrown in to the bottom of the bag, coming out crumpled and ready to be thrown away.

How to quickly elevate your brand? Change this experience.

After all receipts serve an important function - proof of purchase. Be it for returns, for guarantees or for tax purposes.
Why not have a bespoke branded envelope to slip the receipt in to? This simple action gives your brand exclusivity. It provides a lovely branded ‘keep safe’ for the receipt allowing your brand to ‘live on’ when the client takes it home; and as often giving the receipt is the last point of contact with the customer this let’s them leave on a high note with a higher perceived value of your brand.

Some sectors have already embraced this concept: jewellers, high-end fashion and home furnishing brands are just some of the sectors which make their clientele feel valued by using this approach.

If the brand is presented in an elegant manner it will continue to give the customer a sense of pride and fulfilment. What a simple way to nurture a customer for life.  

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