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How To Create A Standout Direct Mail Campaign

29 June 2020

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You want to create a Direct Mail campaign which cuts through the noise and grabs your customer’s attention and increases the probability of them buying from you?

We have created a guide below which includes the essential steps to ensure your campaign is successful.

  1. Desired Outcomes - As with all marketing campaigns you need to know your goals. Are you trying to promote your brand? Or aparticular product or service? Maybe drive traffic to your website? Whatever the goal – make it clear and concise.
  2. Target Audience - Who is your target audience: Existing customers? New prospects? A specific sector? A particular geographic area? You need to know exactly who you are trying to appeal to.
  3. Tone of Voice - Your message will need to be tailored to your audience. Use language that your recipient will be comfortable with. For example if you are advertising to young families you would use a different style than if you were promoting to business executives. Consider creating buyer personas and experimenting with your tone to ensure you connect with your audience.
  4. Content - You may have heard the expression “Sell the sizzle not the sausage”- imagine walking around a food festival and you can guarantee the smell and sound of the sizzle has sold you the sausage before you even checked the price! So concentrate on the sizzle - Benefits are what appeals to us (in this example the sound and smell). How do your products or services benefit your clients? How do they make their lives easier, smoother or reduce pain or stress.

Now to follow the tried and tested rule to create a great campaign. AIDA – (Attention, Interest, Desire & Action) This acronym is extensively used in all marketing circles.

A - Attention - First impressions count. You have to grab the reader’s attention. This could be with an eye-catching logo, graphic or even just a brightly coloured envelope.
I - Interest - This could be a great image of a product, advertising a new deal or offering freebies. Think about what would make you interested.
D - Desire - Here is where you need to broadcast your benefit statement (remember the sizzle?) What is in it for the reader: a guarantee, unique product launch? Here you need to explain your benefits and what’s in it for them.
A - Action - It’s critical you include a CTA ‘call to action’. If you have done the above steps correctly now is the time to close the deal. Make sure the next step or course of action clear. For example you may ask them to “call now”, “visit the website” or “come in to store”.

Now you need to get out there. Here are a few mailing options:

Addressed Postcard – This is a very cost effective way of mailing - perfect if you want to keep your costs low and the volume high.

Window envelope - This a very common format for Direct Mail. The internal letter is personalised and is easily inserted with an item e.g. brochure or special offer. With this one it can be slightly more difficult to grab attention so thoughtful design is essential.

Go all out - Use a coloured envelope with personalised address in handwritten font: This has to have the most powerful effect on all mail recipients. Who doesn’t enjoy opening something completely personalised to them? The handwriting font imitates a personal touch and can make people feel valued. We believe if you can create a special mailer combined with a personal touch you’re guaranteed to succeed.

Best of British - We wish you every success in your campaign

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