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The ‘New Normal’ - Ecommerce is getting bigger.

28 May 2020

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Coronavirus has changed everything including e commerce. Once lockdown was enforced, we saw many brands in the Gifting, Crafting & Sewing, Dry Foods, Personal Goods enjoying a surge in sales. Have a look below at the spike in overall ecommerce sales as a percentage of total sales. We can see that ecommerce sales have jumped from 21.9% to 30% of sales between March & April alone.

Souce: ONS issued 22.05.2020

For a great example let’s take Heinz, as soon as the panic buying set in during March, they moved quickly to create a ‘Direct to Consumer’ e commerce website to give their customers continuity of supply when supermarkets couldn’t keep up with demand. (read the case study here)

This new reliance on online shopping will continue. Sure retail will bounce back to some extent but brands with a successful online store and good strategy should be able to ride a wave as we enter what will undoubtedly be a period of economic strain. Let’s continue to embrace ecommerce it is the new normal.

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