How to achieve 'Unboxing' success

11 February 2020

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Don’t rate your unboxing success by video views!

Unboxing is a big thing – we see it, we get it and we make it. The team at Denmore are consumers as much as everyone else. We all get excited when we buy something new and take it home to be opened, infact most tend to appreciate the unboxing experience as one of life’s little pleasures.

However, with the growing YouTube phenomenon of ‘unboxing’ – where customer's record their whole unboxing experience – brands put an increasing amount of pressure of themselves to identify ways to leverage this trend and the social media exposure that can be gained from it.
There will always be a larger proportion of the population who won’t post unboxing videos to their favourite social channel and we believe brands need to concentrate on finding ways to make all customers feel special when they open their purchase, not just watch the unboxing video view metric.

We all make that emotional decision if we are going to give someone our money. This psychological decision is influenced by a number of factors. Consumers base their decision on the following criteria.

• Buyer Perceived Value 'BPV'
• Trustworthiness and business ethics
• Delivery & Turnaround times
• Customer Care and Issue resolution

The most influential decision is the 'BPV' buyer perceived value. If a brand can convince a consumer in this area, the customer will still purchase even if they feel the brand fails slightly in another area. Whilst the actual product has to be fit for purpose and deliver quality, the'BPV' can be enhanced by incorporating a luxury packaging experience.

‘A 2016 survey from Dotcom Distribution found 40% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant with premium packaging.’

There are a number of specialist packaging finishes that can be considered when looking to enhance your packaging experience for consumers, such as:

• E commerce Boxes incorporating ripper strip and peel & seal closures for easy unboxing experience.
• Bespoke trays and fitments to sit in the top of the box to secure different items
• Internal bags and ribbon wraps
• Bespoke envelopes for billing information
• Internal branding within the boxes.
• Printed tapes

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