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How to say 'thank you'

16 August 2019

Your customer has just completed their purchase and handed over their payment either online or on the high street. You could just say 'thank you' and present a flimsy 'same as everyone else' receipt or you could spend 10 seconds folding the receipt and placing it in a perfectly branded envelope? This simple action produces multiple benefits for your brand.

 It gives your brand exclusivity
 Creates a higher perceived value of your brand

 Provides a 'keep safe' for the receipt 

Some sectors have already embraced this concept: jewellers, high-end fashion, home furnishing brands are some sectors which make their clientelle feel 'special' by using this approach.

Don't miss your opportunity to complete the customer journey even after the transaction has taken place.

Ensure your brand is presented in a classy manner it will continue to give the customer a sense of pride and fulfilment. What a simple way to nurture a customer for life.

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