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Why should I use printed envelopes?

27 February 2017

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It’s only an envelope – they will only throw it in the bin!   Wrong!  – When did you last go through the post and pick out the special birthday card envelope or invitation from the selection of bland white and Manilla envelopes? Unwittingly, you have trained your mind to be very critical about what you give attention to. That’s why we love receiving a personal message from a friend or marketing from a brand we like.

Did you know that an envelope is more likely to be opened if it has a logo on it that stands out?

By taking advantage of customising your print, you are able to bring to life what would otherwise be another mundane communication. In marketing, when you send out a direct mail, it isn’t just your envelope that lands on the doormat; you are competing with a variety of other companies that are also wanting the customer’s attention.

Make your branded envelopes stand out and secure your customers (AIDA) – Attention, Interest, Desire & Action.

You may not have thought of your mailing being an advertisement before. You just put the contents in, seal it up, stamp it, and then get it mailed without giving it a second thought. However this envelope could be the first item your recipient’s picks up of the doormat. Will it deliver that classy first impression! Branded envelopes illustrate the creativity of your business and emphasises its brand, therefore reinforcing your image. By getting your name out there, you are raising awareness of the company and helping to clearly convey the message of the business.

Increase the chance that your envelope will be opened.

There are several advantages to customisation; and the use of these products will work for the company without much effort! By having your name/logo or tagline displayed, you are making it easily identifiable if a customer is looking back through mail which serves as a gentle reminder that will encourage them to pursue the company’s service. Printed envelopes increase visibility and productivity and develops credibility and trust with the recipient. This then gives you the opportunity to increase profits, establish customer relationships, brand the business through repetition and deliver the offer.

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