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20 September 2016

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So you have put in hours of effort along with your creative agency and created a great looking brand. You have tweaked your USP’s and written some great content explaining the features and benefits of your products and services.

The campaign goes live - the website, social media channels, e-shots, PR are all pumping. A month or 2 down the line you discover that your customers aren’t quite as delighted as you hoped. A few follow-up calls and you find “yes the product was OK, but they weren't overwhelmed with what they received” Unfortunately - they are not promoters of your brand – why?

"To gain market penetration we need brand promoting clients who are simply in love with what we do"

In the above instance something has been missing from the customer experience – it could be poor customer service or it may be even something simpler…

Remember - First Impressions Count
When the product or service was delivered…how did the recipient feel? Were all their desires satisfied? Was the product neatly presented? What about the packaging -was it tatty or perfectly presented?

Every time someone views your marketing collateral it has an effect. So you have to stay true to your brand guidelines. Pablo’s Pizzeria can get away with a dog-eared flyer…but if you’re passionate about your brand, then you must portray yourself in the best possible light – it doesn’t pay to cut corners.

Think of a brand like… Jo Malone - their products are always perfectly presented, using the finest quality papers and boards reflecting the high end quality of their brand.

How will you present your marketing collateral? Don’t overlook it - check out the various paper and board stocks that are available (there are a multitude of options). Specify a material that portrays your brand image.

Then there is specialist print finishes such as: foil blocking, embossing, matt lamination and other bespoke finishes. These all play a vital role in your customers’ perception when they see your product packaging and marketing collateral…in the subconscious they are forming a positive or negative impression of your brand…

It all starts to get quite complex…knowing how to specify these bespoke campaigns. We have written the above to alert you to some of the issues associated with compromising on strong marketing collateral. If you would like professional advice, speak to Denmore Press. Our experts will be glad to discuss your project and provide sound, impartial advice.

Please get in touch - Rodney Hoare @ Denmore Press

T: 0207 378 8001

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