Captain Fawcett String & Washer Envelope

Create a package your clients will keep and love - the intrigue of a string and washer envelope is unsurpassed


CLIENT/BRAND: Captain Fawcett

PRODUCT: String & Washer Envelope

MATERIAL: Cairn Eco Craft 280Gsm

FINISH: 1 Colour Litho 



Captain Fawcett is an emporium of gentleman's grooming products, who were looking to source bespoke product packaging for their folding packet moustache and beard combs that would match their rather exquisite brand ethos and style.


In keeping with the brands feels of a bygone era, the creative team opted for a 280gsm cairn eco mount card envelope. The buff colour was the perfect backdrop to the matt black vintage style logo. When finished with a string and washer closure, the product packaging sat well alongside the full product range and added a real razor sharp feel to the finished design.

Each envelope is handmade, which adds to the products uniqueness and suits the dapper styling of the Captain Fawcett brand.

With orders of 10000, we offer all our clients a storage and call off facility, which Captain Fawcett opted for.