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Envelope & Paper Sizes

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Paper Sizes

Choose the envelope size which suits your document. Then click to browse our full selection of envelopes available in your chosen size.

A Guide to Envelope

What is an envelope

An envelope is a glued folded paper outer for enclosing a letter or card. Envelopes can be printed according to your own needs or style. They are available in various sizes, with or without window and with a gummed flap, peel and seal strip or self seal adhesive closure.

How to spec an envelope

The recognised standard for specifying envelope sizes is that the second dimension denotes the opening side and flap length e.g.

DL Wallet is 110 x 220mm - flap on the 220mm edge.

DL Pocket is 220 x 110mm - flap on 110mm edge.

There are many different weights of envelopes available. The most common standard weight is 90/100gsm this is a typical weight for any standard mailing. Please note - the weight indicates gsm/m2 of paper used to make the envelope not the actual envelope weight. If you are looking to go up market for a more luxury feel try using a 120gsm envelope. For added luxury or protection there are medium board 180/250gsm ranges availble. For more bombproof applications we supply 350/450gsm all board envelopes for ultra rigid protection.

Envelope sealing

All envelopes are suitable for hand inserting. It is widely recognised the easiest envelope to hand insert is a C5 self seal pocket (flaps come already open).  Machinable gummed mailing wallets are suitable for most inserting machines and supplied with flaps down. The mailing machines insert the contents then moisten, fold and seal the flap. They gummed mailers normally have a trapezium shaped flap. Minor variations in flap shape will occur with your envelopes occasionally. Self seal flaps are widely available in most sizes they don't require any moistening there are 2 strips of adhesive latex which adhere together once the flap is closed. A painless and efficient way of sealing your envelopes. Peel & seal offers a hot melt adhesive seal for your flaps this gives a very strong tamper proof seal which is excellent for heavier weight envelopes or when shipping sensitive information. 

Printed envelopes

Envelopes can be printed in a variety of ways.

Digital print is excellent for short run requirements up to 5,000 it has an added benefit that address personalisation can be applied in the same run as branding your envelopes making it an efficient and targeted process. Average leadtime 1-4 days.

Litho offset print is offers high quality print using traditional offset inks these can be spot colour (PMS) Pantone Mixing Scheme shades or full colour (CMYK). Litho print is suitable for short runs of 500 all the way up to 200k+. Average leadtime 1-5 days.

Flexo print is a more costeffective option for higher volume requirements 50K +. The paper reels are printed with a flexo ink which is then converted inline into an envelope a very fast and efficient process. Average leadtime 5-14 days.