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Polythene Mailers

Polythene mailers - perfectly suited for e-commerce shipping - burstproof packaging - bio-degradable

Denmore Press are suppliers of plastic mailing bags - We have over 25 years of experience in helping our customers create the highest quality results. Including fully bespoke print and in recent times more environmentally friendly bio degradable plastic.

Polythene Envelope Options

Since the publicity of 'Blue Planet 2' the world's attention has been drawn to the damaging affects of plastic pollution and the long term negative impact on our planet. Whilst we have seen some clients succesfully switch to paper, board and corrugated packaging options. There are occasions when plastic still offers the best solution for mailing bulky items. Below we outline some of the positive and negative impacts of each product.


Standard Poly Envelopes

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a non-biodegradable plastic commonly used with most polybags & polylope manufacture. LDPE has excellent has strentgh to weight ratio giving it burstproof properties. Most LDPE polymailers will range from 30-80microns in thickness. As you would expect the 30mic option is for lighterwight applications i.e. 24pp A5 brochure whilst the 80micron will stand up to far heavier punishment and will be suitable for use as a courier bags or for mailing heavyweight brochures. i.e 20m thick travel brochures. Whilst LDPE offers these specific qualities we must consider the environmental impact. The big question regarding LDPE currently is recyclability. Your local authority will definitely offer a local kerbside recycling service but check the details many will recycle rigid LDPE i.e. fizzy bottles, milk bottles etc. However you may find flexible LDPE is treated differently. Some local authorities don't uplift these products and recommend taking them to your local supermarket to recycle along with plastic shopping bags.


Bio-Degradable Poly Envelopes

Here at Denmore Press we are committed to reducing our waste and pollution throughout our supply chain. To provide a more sustainable option we have added an alternative film to standard LDPE our Bio-degradadable poly. Whilst it is still polyethylene based compound during it's extrusion additives are added to the film. This addition ensures the extruded film breaks down in the presence of sunlight and oxygen in the open environment. This results in compostable product which breaks down like a leaf resulting in far less impact on the environment. There is still some concern as to any micro particles left behind during the composting process, this is currently being researched. However we can still confidently promote this product as having significantly less impact than standard LDPE films which take significantly longer time spans to decompose.


Polythene Print Options

We print on both standard LDPE and bio-degradable LDPE in the same manner. We can print 1-8 colour flexo process which is capable of heavy solids and also intricate process images. If we are printing onto clear films we will often apply a white base to add 'lift' to the print. We print onto a variety of films including metallised, Co-Ex, Clear & White LDPE.