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Flexo Printed Envelopes

Digital and litho printing is superb for full colour overprinting. However, flexographic or flexo printing of envelopes is the most cost effective envelope printing solution available for high volume printing of simple designs.

Examples of Flexo Printed Envelopes

Flexo printing uses a polymer based plate to print the envelope design directly onto the paper reel before the envelope is made. This is very quick and cost effective, but is suited to quantities of 50,000 envelopes and upwards.

When Should I Choose Flexographic Envelope Printing?

Our flexo envelope printing service is particularly ideal for simple, large volume designs such as business reply envelopes (BREs) and PPI envelopes. We can also provide these flexo printed envelopes for more complex requirements. Take a look at our gallery of flexo printed envelopes to see what's possible.

How Many Colours and Opaques Can I Have?

We can print 1 to 4 colour flexo, giving you as much flexibility as is possible with this envelope printing technique. If you are looking for a complex design though, you may be better off choosing digitally or litho printed envelopes.

Our flexo envelopes can also be specified with bespoke opaques (internal security print) in specific colours enhance your business correspondence and corporate brand.

High Volume Envelope Storage

While many of our customers need the cost savings that flexo envelope printing brings, they often don't have huge amounts of warehousing space in which to store their envelopes until needed.

That is why we offer a envelope storage and call off facility on all of our custom printed and bespoke envelopes so you know your envelope stock will be ready when you need them.

What our customers say

Just to let you know that my clients were delighted with the envelopes thanks for your help in processing everything so smoothly.
Specialist Printer, Bishop Stortford
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