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Flexo Envelopes

Flexo printing is the most cost effective solution available for high volume printing of envelopes that have a straightforward design and specification.

Flexo printing uses a polymer-based plate to print the envelope design directly onto the paper reel before the envelope is made.

This is a very quick and cost effective process, which is best suited to print runs of 50,000 envelopes and upwards. Flexo printing is particularly ideal for large volume, simple designs such as business reply envelopes (BREs) and PPI envelopes.

With flexo we can print 1 to 4 colour, giving you as much flexibility as is possible with this printing technique. If your design is more complex, then it may be better to choose digitally or litho printed envelopes. Our flexo envelopes can also be specified with bespoke opaques (internal security print) in specific colours to enhance your business correspondence and corporate brand.