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Artwork File Specifications

Acceptable formats
  • Adobe CC (PDF, EPS, AI, INDD, PSD)
PDF Document (preferred)
  • Document size should be the same size as the final printed envelope. If the envelope size changes, so should the document size.
  • If part of the artwork goes to the edge of the page, at least 3mm bleed must be included. This is particularly important if a photograph or logo is required to bleed off the edge.
  • Printing cropmarks are optional, but if the layout includes bleed, cropmarks will help position the artwork more precisely.
  • All text must have fonts embedded in the PDF. If this is not possible, the text must be converted to paths.
  • Pantone spot colours must all be the same colour model: e.g. Pantone 280C, Pantone 280CV, and Pantone 280U are three separate colours.
  • Pantone or custom colours must not be defined as “Process” in the original document. This may cause the colours to split into CMYK or RGB in the PDF document.
  • Colours should not be defined as RGB in the original document.
  • PDF documents consisting entirely of a full-page image are not encouraged: in general, these are not editable if any alterations or corrections are required.
  • PDF documents must not be password-locked: this can cause problems in the printing process. Setting print permission to “allowed” does not fix this.
  • Images (e.g. photographs, logos) should be supplied as TIFF or Photoshop files. PNG files may also be acceptable. JPG files may be acceptable for photographs. GIF files are discouraged.
  • For best results, images should be at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at the intended print size.
  • Vector graphics should be in Illustrator EPS format if possible. Original files in Illustrator or FreeHand formats may also be suitable. All fonts must be embedded or text converted to paths. All included images must be embedded or supplied along with the document file.
  • Graphics for jobs specified as one or more spot colours must not be supplied as full-colour CMYK or RGB.
Special Notes for Postage Graphics
  • Please ensure that artwork is supplied in compliance with your postal providers’ specifications. We cannot accept any responsibility for printing artwork that has been incorrectly supplied.
  • Graphics for Business Reply and PPI envelopes are available on the Royal Mail website, with full design and font specifications. DO NOT USE the graphics copied from the webpage in ready to print files — these are low quality and unsuitable for use. 
  • Business Reply graphics MUST NOT BE RESIZED
  • To create Royal Mail BRE artwork visit
  • To create Royal Mail PPI's visit PPI graphics must ONLY be used in the specified sizes: 30mm square, or 35/55/65mm wide as set out in the Royal Mail design specifications.
  • PPI graphics for non-Royal Mail post (e.g. TNT, OnePost) should be used as specified, and MUST NOT BE RESIZED.

If you have any queries or problems please contact our Studio on 01224 828585 or email